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Black Swan

Black Swan
(Photo Credit: Moumita Pal)

Black Swan is a water bird with mostly black feather with dark red bill. Among the variety of all swans, it is the largest one and with longest neck which sometime looks prominently like "S" shape. A mature Black Swan weighs between 9 kg. They takes aquatic plants as their food. They are mostly vegetarian.

Black Swan is mostly found in the wetlands of southeast regions in Australia. Black Swans are emigrate themselves during the heavy rainy days into the interior part of country and they do the reverse process in the dry days.

Like other kind of water birds, Black Swan loose their flight feathers after breed. They are not able to fly for few days. In these time they will feel safe to settle down over on wide water surface. They laid 4-8 eggs at a time, the chicks will take almost 1 and 1/2 months to develop a cygnets. Chick are born with white feather and gradually feathers are turned into black colour. Cygnets are cared for almost 9 months by their parents until they are sufficiently developed for flight.

Black Swan is very popular and spectacular water bird. This bird is also found in West Part of Europe, in Britain and many zoological gardens. It is also a host of Kings Summer Palace in Beijing, China.

Black Swan is conserved under the Aussie Wildlife Act and International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red list of threatened species.

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